Expostrut Screenshots

ExpoStrut Main Menu

At the start of the application is the option of a main menu. This can be customized with any background, font, color, or detailed text that you feel is best for your company.

Product Information

Once a customer reaches a product via searching or browsing they can see a fullsize image of the item...

Product Information

...and you can include detailed information for them to access to provide a little more than the thousand words the picture is worth.

Instant Search

What about those times you know an example, image, video, or document is in there, but it's not where you think it should be? Slideshows are hard to search, and you can't search a dead tree (paper-based book). Of course, ExpoStrut lets you use its Instant Search feature.

Video Example

Ever tried showing a video in a flipbook? How about have them seamlessly work when it comes down to the wire in a slide show?

Video Playing Example

If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine what thirty frames per second (FPS) of high definition video, with audio, will tell them.